Outstanding Therapist Award

Presented by: Louisiana Society for Respiratory Care

This award honors individuals in the field of Respiratory Care who has best demonstrated throughout their career the qualities of excellence, compassion, collaboration, and volunteerism. This individual should personify the dedication and spirit of those committed to the profession of Respiratory Care and best exemplify the mission and vision of the LSRC.

2024 lsrc award recipients

2024 Winner is John Zamjahn PhD, MHS, RRT, RRT-ACCS, RPFT


Who Qualifies?

The LSRC Terry Bourgeois Award for Excellence is a prestigious recognition that is subject to specific criteria to ensure the acknowledgment of outstanding achievements. 

Additionally, this award will include:

Must be an AARC member for at least ten (10) years preceding nomination.

Must have practiced in the field of Respiratory Care for at least fifteen (15) years.

The nominee must be a Respiratory Therapist holding a Louisiana License in good standing.

The nominee should be an individual who is dedicated to and upholds the goals of the Louisiana Society for Respiratory Care (LSRC).

The nominee must have demonstrated a significant contribution to the LSRC during their career. Examples of significant contributions include serving as a member of the LSRC Board of Directors and/or serving as a member or chair of one or more LSRC committees.

Nominations Process

  1. Any AARC member can nominate an individual for consideration.
  2. Nominations should be submitted in the form of a word document attachment via email.
  3. Nominations must be accompanied by a cover letter explaining why you feel this person qualifies for the award.
  4. Nominations must include a current CV (curriculum vitae including academic, personal, civic, and professional contributions to the profession and society).
  5. All nominations, letters, and CV’s should be received no later than December 15th.

Selection Process

  • One (1) award shall be presented each year at the LSRC Annual Educational Meeting. If a strong candidate who meets all criteria cannot be chosen, no award will be presented for that year.

  • Nominations shall be reviewed and voted upon by a committee consisting of the 5 present members of the LSRC executive committee or a voting member of the LSRC Board of Directors if necessary using established guidelines as stated in this document.

The chosen candidate’s name shall be announced at the annual business meeting of the LSRC Board of Directors.

Additionally, this award will include:

A free one year renewal of their AARC membership

Forward all nominations, letters, and CV’s to: Sheila Guidry ([email protected])