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  1. To help the COPD National Action Plan maximize its effectiveness and reach its goals, respiratory therapists need to learn the plan and how to apply it in their daily work with patients. “RTs need to download the plan and make sure they’re working the goals that are the most meaningful to the population they serve... Read more »
  2. In this episode of Big Ideas Theater, Sharman Lamka, president and founder of the FACES Foundation, discusses the National Patient Advocacy Award program. Lamka explains that the award is made possible through a collaborative effort between the FACES Foundation and the AARC as a way to uniquely recognize respiratory therapists. “It’s honoring RTs that go... Read more »
  3. Respiratory therapy students all across the country recently walked across the stage to accept their associate’s degree in respiratory care. Most of them are already in the workforce, learning the ropes at their first real jobs in the profession. For a growing number, though, the associate’s degree is just the first step in their education.... Read more »
  4. It’s well known the vast majority of smokers first took up the habit when they were still in their teens. Raising the age at which people can purchase tobacco products has been seen as a key weapon in the battle to curtail smoking among young adults in our country. AARC Member Sean Severson, MPH, RRT,... Read more »
  5. Volunteering presents great opportunities for personal and professional growth and is beneficial for RTs in all career stages. Passion for caring Like many RTs, a passion for caring for others led me to pursue a career in respiratory care. I learned fairly early in my career that it can be difficult to maintain a high... Read more »