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  1. Enable cookies to see embeded content. As part of Big Ideas Theater 2019, Neil MacIntyre, MD, FAARC, discusses ventilator-induced lung injury. Dr. MacIntyre believes RTs can have a great impact on the ICU and explains how ventilator settings from the operating room to the ICU need to properly translate. He also shares his three commandments... Read more »
  2. Communication…Teamwork…Adaptability…These soft skills, among others, bring value to your daily work. Combined with your technical skills, soft skills focus on how you do your job, not just on can you do your job. What are soft skills? Soft skills are traits that affect your ability to work with others. Contrasting, technical (or hard) skills are... Read more »
  3. You do great work each day. Your entire department does great work. But, does anyone outside your department know about it? Showing value—whether directly or indirectly—to colleagues beyond your department significantly helps build credibility and can boost morale. Share What’s Important “Find out what is important to your administrators and figure out how respiratory therapists... Read more »
  4. Transporting the residents was a major undertaking.” When Delta Young, RRT, and her colleagues at Gurwin Jewish Nursing & Rehabilitation Center in Commack, NY, acquired new portable ventilators for their 28-bed ventilator unit earlier this year their goals for the new equipment were fairly modest. They wanted to give their ventilator-dependent patients a chance to... Read more »
  5. Enable cookies to see embeded content. As part of Big Ideas Theater 2019, Luís Blanch Torra, MD, PHD, from the Institut d’Investigacio i Innovacio Parc Tauli in Spain, discusses the effects and benefits of using prone positioning. Watch More Big Ideas Theater Dr. Blanch explains that prone positioning results in positive results for patients. Specifically,... Read more »